Radiant Peace Banners

Fly a Reminder of Radiant Peace

The 3-foot by 5-foot Radiant Peace banner can be seen flying on six continents as a visible reminder of Radiant Peace. The simple outline of the dove is based on the dove outline used by fifth-grade children in an entry to The Radiant Peace Education Awards. The dove is pictured in yellow like the golden yellow of our sun, while the words "Radiant Peace" are in blue like our blue planet, both on pure white. The banner has no tags or labels.

Radiant Peace banners are available with any contribution of $22 or more -- just ask for a banner when you donate. Schools and youth groups also receive banners with the Radiant Peace patches for their participants in The Radiant Peace Education Awards. Radiant Peace banners are supplied for special celebrations of Radiant peace -- if you are planning a Radiant Peace event, please contact the Foundation office in advance.