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You can check off the words you find in this first Radiant Peace word search. However, you can't circle the words online. Play it by finding the words here and checking them off the list, or print it onto paper for word search fun!

Radiant Peace Words #1

Coloring Activities

Radiant Peace Dove

Radiant Peaec Dove bannerStart with the Radiant Peace Dove (1 page in PDF format). This dove is modelled on the 19-foot dove banner -- part pictured here -- created by Bauder Elementary School's fifth grade in 1999. The dove became the image for our Radiant Peace banner, a flag of Radiant Peace without tags or boundaries that flies all over the world.

You can also use this dove page to make your own Radiant Peace banner:

  1. Color at least four, or some even number, of the Radiant Peace doves. It's fun to have a number of different children (or adults) make their own.
  2. Cut the doves into equal squares or rectangles. The printable page is set up to make this easy.
  3. Arrange the doves on a backing paper -- you can use a roll of butcher paper or lightweight colored paper -- and then glue or tape them to the paper.
  4. If you want, decorate around the doves and/or the border of the background paper.
  5. Display your Radiant Peace banner!

Radiant Peace Words

Another PDF coloring page with the words "Radiant Peace" and some of the ways "peace" is said in other languages.

Radiant Peace Match Games

A Game of Concentration and Memory

Click on the pictures so that the two that match are revealed at the same time. The trick: you can only look at two at once! Play the Radiant Peace Match Game (photos) or Radiant Peace Match Game #2 (cartoons).

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