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First-ever Book about Radiant Peace

Radiant Peace®, Wisdom & Tips from Children

Cover of Radiant Peace(R), Wisdom & Tips from ChildrenIn this first-ever book about Radiant Peace®, students in grades 1-12 offer insights and tips for people of all ages! With wisdom, humor and an abundance of creativity, children share hundreds of ways to express Radiant Peace in everyday life. Selected from the first twenty-two years of The Radiant Peace Education Awards® program, the award-winning essays and quotes in this collection are from students throughout the United States and several other countries. Copies available from the online Museum Store香蕉视频app在线下载, on Amazon.com and all major booksellers in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe.

A Vision for the Present and Future

Inspiring, encouraging and promoting Radiant Peace

Children creating Radiant Peace messagesThe Radiant Peace Foundation International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit founded in 1986 based in St. Petersburg, Florida and is not political, religious or activist. Our mission is to inspire, encourage and promote Radiant Peace®香蕉视频app在线下载 and to serve as a centerpoint for Radiant Peace education worldwide. Every program of The Radiant Peace Foundation International gives people the opportunity to expand upon their innate capacity to recognize and celebrate the Radiant Peace that lies within all our hearts.

Child's Radiant Peace Quote

Radiant Peace Programs at the Grassroots Level

Programs Overview

香蕉视频app在线下载Each and every Radiant Peace program has developed with the financial support of donors and the dedication of volunteers at the grassroots level. The Radiant Peace Foundation International is not political, religious or activist.

The largest program is The Radiant Peace Education Awards®, in which students in grades 1 through 12 submit essays, art or special projects based on Radiant Peace themes. Since 1990, more than 250,000 children have participated in this program in the United States. Radiant Peace PatchEvery participant -- students, teachers, and staff -- receives a beautiful iron-on cloth Radiant Peace Patch (see picture on right). In recent years, the program has also expanded into 15 other countries on four continents. After thirteen years of receiving outstanding entries for The Radiant Peace Education Awards, we began displaying some of them; and that one-room exhibit expanded into The International Museum of Radiant Peace. Radiant Peace programs include: